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Effective Immediately, The COMET is suspending all routes and discontinuing service until 5:45 a.m. on Sunday, 5/31. Riders may use Lyft code RideCOMET2059 to complete their destination. The COMET will pay up to $5.00 The COMET will Operate on an Enhanced Saturday Schedule Beginning Wednesday, May 20. Details in What’s New. Stay Safe! Please Wash Your Hands And If Sick Stay Home! Details On What The COMET Is Doing To Combat COVID-19 Is Available In What’s New!
The Comet
The Comet

Board Members

Al Koon - Advisory

Town of Chapin

William "B.J." Unthank

William "B.J." Unthank
Lexington County Legislative Delegation

Geraldene Robinson - Advisory

Town of Eastover

Ron Anderson

City of Columbia

John V. Furgess, Sr.

Vice Chair
Richland County Legislative Delegation

Robert Morris

Richland County Legislative Delegation

Andy Smith

Forest Acres


Richland County

Carolyn Gleaton

City of Columbia

Joyce Dickerson

Richland County

Leon Howard

Richland County Legislative Delegation

Debbie Summer - Advisory

Town of Springdale

Skip Jenkins - Advisory

City of Cayce

Tem Miles - Advisory

City of West Columbia

Lill Mood

Lexington County

Derrick Huggins

City of Columbia

Colonel (R) Roger Leaks, Jr.

Richland County

Please mail all Board correspondence to:

The COMET Board of Directors, 3613 Lucius Road, Columbia, SC 29201.

To reach the Board of Directors, contact: John Andoh, Executive Director/CEO at 803.255.7087 or email: