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The Comet


The COMET ADA and Mobility Management RFP

Date Posted: January 25, 2019
End Date: February 28, 2019



The COMET ADA and Mobility Management RFP

The COMET ADA and Mobility Management RFP Addendum 1 with Pricing sheet and Professional Service Agreement

Price Proposal-ADA Mobility Management excel format

The COMET ADA and Mobility Management RFP Addendum 2

The RFP seeks a prime contractor to provide the scope of services requested herein. The prime contractor shall provide and pay for all materials, tools, equipment, labor and professional and non-professional services, and shall perform all other acts and supply all other things necessary, to fully and properly perform and complete the work. The contractor must act as the prime contractor and assume full responsibility for any subcontractor’s performance. The contractor will be considered the sole point of contact with regard to all situations, including payment of all charges and the meeting of all other requirements.

The COMET /Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to provide 1] ADA Paratransit Eligibility certification and 2] Mobility Management services. Individuals, organizations, or businesses that apply for this proposal must be familiar with ADA regulations as it pertains to the paratransit eligibility process, and mobility management initiatives.

The COMET reserves the right to review and reject any personnel performing services under their contracts including prime and sub-contractor staff and personnel changes which may occur during the life of the contracts.

The COMET expects the highest quality services in connection with implementing this project. The COMET may determine that a person performing services under their contract is not adequately qualified or properly trained and may direct the “Contractor” to remove such persons from work on their contracts.

The contract to resulting from this RFP shall be known as the “ADA and Mobility Management” contract. All proposals must be submitted by February 28, 2019. Please reference the RFP document(s) for submission requirements. The COMET encourages the use of recycled paper, and where practicable, printed on both sides, for all submittals.

All proposal responses should be mailed or delivered to:

The COMET Administrative Offices

ATTN: Virginia Goodson—Procurement Officer

Virginia Goodson <>

3613 Lucius Rd.

Columbia, SC 29201

For a copy of the RFP, please contact Ms. Virginia Goodson, Procurement Officer, at A copy of the RFP is also posted on The COMET website. Please include your name, contact information (e-mail and mailing addresses, telephone number), including how you want to receive a copy of the RFP, and the name of the organization you are representing.