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The COMET, officially the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (CMRTA), is a regional transportation authority formed by Richland County, City of Columbia, and Lexington County on April 24, 2000, by the Central Midlands Council of Governments.

The COMET consists of an intergovernmental agreement signed by Richland County, the City of Columbia, the City of Forest Acres, and Lexington County to fund, operate and maintain public transit services and mass transportation in Richland and Lexington counties in the Columbia metropolitan area of South Carolina.
The COMET transports more than 2.8 million passengers annually on a fleet of more than 80 buses, vans, and trolleys. The COMET supports and provides opportunities for additional mobility through partnerships with attractions, neighborhoods, events, Uber, Lyft, and Blue Bike of S.C. All transit services are operated by RATP Dev USA Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas.

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