February 27, 2023
<strong>APPLY TO THE SPRING 2023 COMET ACADEMY</strong> Photo 1

The Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority is currently accepting applications for the third year of The COMET Academy, a leadership development program for those who’d like to learn about the public transit system.  

The goal of The COMET Academy is to create community members who serve as a resource and can connect others within the community with The COMET’s services to ultimately increase the understanding and support of The COMET throughout the community. 

The five-week intensive program will provide community members with an in-depth, behind the scenes look at how The COMET transit system is financed, structured and operated. The curriculum includes such topics as history, financing, program partnerships and organizational structure.  Upon graduation, attendees will have sampled technologies, traveled on buses and learned about the inner workings of a transit agency.

The program is free-of-cost with an in-person orientation hosted at The COMET headquarters, 3613 Lucius Road.Sessions will be 60-minute virtual courses that will take place once a week on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. beginning March 6 through April 3, with graduation on April 17. 

“It is our plan to empower community and business leaders with knowledge of the inner workings, history and future goals of public transit in the Midlands,” said LeRoy DesChamps, COO of The COMET. “Our past sessions received an overwhelming response. We are grateful and excited to again be able to present this program to the community.”

The final day to apply for the limited spaces in the program is March 2. Applications for The COMET Academy Spring 2023 session can be found on the website here: