Hop on the Soda Cap Connector!

December 7, 2022

The Soda Cap Connector is a safe and affordable way to explore some of Columbia’s top attractions. Whether you are a tourist or local to the area, the Soda Cap Connector can get you to many of downtown Columbia’s major destinations!

Hop on the Soda Cap Connector! Photo 1

The Soda Cap Connector takes the stress out of traffic and parking in busy downtown. Equipped with charging ports, wifi, hand sanitizer and security cameras, the Soda Cap Connector keeps you safe and connected while traveling. 

For just a dollar, anyone can enjoy the three main routes and one Orbit “loop” route offered by the Soda Cap Connector. Route one goes from Main Street to The Vista and West Columbia. Route two is currently suspended. During baseball season, route three of The Soda Cap Connector will take you directly to the Columbia Fireflies game from Main Street. From there you can enjoy a night of sports and fun! The Orbit route runs in a loop through major downtown Columbia streets. 

Hop on the Soda Cap Connector! Photo 2

As an added bonus, with your Soda Cap Connector pass, many businesses along the routes offer discounted tickets. With a pass, the SC State Museum offers a $2 discount, Palmetto Outdoor Center offers a $5 discount, and the Koger Center for the Arts offers a 10% discount during hosted events only. 

Visit https://catchthecometsc.gov/downtown-connectors/ to learn more!