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Effective for 1/6/2022 – Route 55 will NOT travel down Hardscrabble Rd. due to a gas leak in the area. Service will resume once it is safe to do so. Effective Immediately, The COMET and Soda Cap bus stop at 1401 Assembly St. (Assembly Washington NB (867) will be inactive due to construction through March 2023. Affected routes: Soda Caps 1 & 4 COMET: 21,42, 44x, 61,91,92, and 401 Effective immediately: NO eating/drinking on the buses until the pandemic is over in order to comply with the Federal mask requirements Effective Immediately, per CDC Guidelines, Masks Must Be Worn When Using The COMET and Accessing its Facilities! TransLoc and My Transit Manager is not available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. A new system will be available in March of 2021
The Comet
The Comet


It’s out with the old and in with the new. And when we say new, we mean everything. Just see for yourself. The totally new COMET. It’s gonna be one heck of a ride.

Bus Stops & Shelters

Transit Sign

The COMET stops and shelters are hard to miss. Each is designed with bold colors and the route numbers are clearly displayed.

Transit stop signs list the routes that serve each stop and will coincide with the numbers on the bus.

Bike Racks

Your bike can ride along with you for free. Each COMET has a bike rack with room for two bikes.

  • Bikes racks are located at the front of buses
  • Bikes are attached using a spring-loaded clamp that goes over either the front or rear tire
  • Bikes can be attached or removed without the need to disturb the other bike
  • The rack can accommodate most wheel and frame sizes – including mountain and kids’ bikes
  • Please remove all items, such as water bottles, saddlebags and any items in a basket. We wouldn’t want them to fall off and hurt anyone or damage anything
  • Space is available on a first come, first serve basis
  • We are unable to accommodate powered bikes (gas or electric), mopeds, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, tricycles, bikes with training wheels or bikes with trailers or other attachments

Because drivers are responsible for the safety of all passengers, he or she is not able to help load your bike. The COMET assumes no responsibility for items left on the bus or on your bike or for bikes that are damaged while in a bike rack.

Reading a Schedule

First, find your routes by using our live tracker here. Identify the route nearest the place you are starting and the one nearest where you are going (there might be more than two needed, depending on your trip). Then, look at the schedules for the routes you need.

Reading a Schedule:

Look at the colored bar at the top underneath the map to make sure it says “weekday” or “weekend” depending on when you are riding. A route’s frequency and hours of operation change on the weekend. See example of Route Map #42 Millwood Avenue.

Route Map

The map on the schedule shows numbers in circles along the route. That number is called a time point and corresponds with the list of names and times on the schedule below the map, giving an estimated time a bus will get to an area. If your stop is a timepoint be at the stop about five minutes before the scheduled arrival. If your stop is between time points estimate based on how close you are to either point and to be at the closest stop six minutes ahead of schedule.

Remember if you use our live tracker you can see the bus moving in real time and get alerts when the bus is near your stop. The tracker shows every stop in the system so you can easily find the one nearest you.

If you are still having trouble locating a stop, call us at 803-255-7100.

Fare Info:

For personalized training visit our travel training page at Travel Training

Boarding & Alighting the Bus

Boarding the Bus:

For the safety of our passengers and the public The COMET buses will only stop at designated transit stops. Look for our distinctive brand on the sign like the one on the picture. Please also note the black sign on the opposite side of the pole and make sure the route number you want is listed. You don’t need to wave, just stand at the stop and the driver will pull over for you. Have your fare ready, whether a pass, your smartphone, or cash, and wait for the vehicle to come to a full stop before trying to board. If you have a bicycle with you please see “Bike Rack" for information on how to load your bike.

Alighting the Bus:

As they say, all good things must come to an end. When you’re about a block from your destination, press the yellow, pressure-activated strip or yellow pull cord above your seat to let the driver know you are ready to exit. Please exit through the rear side door of the bus so people boarding can use the front door.

View our trifold on how to ride
View our rack card on how to ride

Elmwood Bus Stop

COMET Rules of the Road

We want your ride with us to be out of this world. That means affordable, clean, safe, enjoyable, convenient and on time. To help make it a stellar trip for you and your fellow passengers, please observe the following rules of courtesy. Additionally, a complete list of rules and regulations can be found here.

The COMET will not provide transit services to passengers who have exhibited behavior that is violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal. Suspendible Conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following conduct:

  • Threats of physical harm to other passengers, bus operators, or any other service personnel.
  • Physical assault or battery on the bus operator or other passengers.
  • Verbal abuse, including the use of profanity, intimidation, or altercation with the bus operator or other passengers.
  • Harassment of bus operator or other passengers.
  • Damage to vehicle equipment.
  • Repeated violation of riding rules, including smoking in the vehicle, eating, or drinking on the vehicle.
  • Failure to maintain reasonably acceptable personal hygiene standards, which could expose passengers and bus operators to health and safety risks.
  • Any criminal conduct prohibited by the South Carolina Code of Laws and its Section 58-23-1810, The Public Transportation Passenger Rights Act.

Service will immediately be suspended to passengers who engage in Suspendible Conduct, and a notice of suspension will promptly be mailed to the passenger. The COMET shall conduct an investigation of the Suspendible Conduct that shall include interviewing the passenger and/or other passengers present and/or involved in the Suspendible Conduct and reviewing surveillance video footage. The COMET shall make a determination regarding the length of the suspension within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the incident resulting in the suspension.

In determining the length of the suspension and the conditions for the reinstatement of the suspended passenger’s riding privileges, The COMET shall consider the cause of the Suspendible Conduct and The COMET’s ability to resolve the matter in conjunction with the suspended passenger and/or the other parties involved to ensure that the Suspendible Conduct will cease. Past incidents of Suspendible Conduct will also be considered in determining the length of the suspension. Passengers may appeal the suspension of service by contacting The COMET.

Travel Training

Travel training is a free service provided by The COMET to educate individuals or groups on how to plan a trip, read bus schedules, purchase fares, use technologies, and board and alight the bus. This service is available to anyone within the community who seeks assistance in learning how to use public transportation. Individuals who use this service will be able to navigate confidently through the Midlands by using our fixed-route (big bus) or flexible transportation services. This service is not in conjunction with DART paratransit. Click here to view our complete travel training brochure.

The COMET Travel Training Program offers various types of training services to meet the needs of participants:

  • Trip Planning
  • One-on-one Travel Training Instruction
  • Group Travel Training Presentations

Individual Travel:

Individual travel training sessions are conducted by The COMET’s travel trainer who has experience working with individuals who have disabilities but there is no requirement for a disability to use the service. Anyone who just needs extra help figuring out how to Catch The COMET should feel welcome giving us a call.

Group Travel:

Group travel training presentations can be arranged for agencies that provide services to individuals with disabilities, adults, and youths. Participants will learn of various services and programs offered by The COMET.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for travel training, contact The COMET at (803) 255-7130 or by email at

Do you have interest in becoming a volunteer Travel Trainer for your organization?

For more information contact or call 255-7130.