How to Catch The COMET

Plan Your Trip

Find Your Stop

Stops and shelters are hard to miss. Each is designed with bold colors and the route numbers are clearly displayed. Transit stop signs list the routes that serve each stop and will coincide with the numbers on the bus.

Buy Your Bus Pass

Buy your bus pass at COMET Central, through the Transit app, online, on the bus, or at one of our partner locations.

Catch Your Bus

Buses do not have to stop at every stop. When you want to get off of the bus, pull the cord near the window or call out “next stop” to request a stop. Give your driver 500 feet or at least one block's notice.

We recommend arriving 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled to depart with your pass or cash ready.
All COMET buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and cameras for safety. Your ride is guaranteed to be climate-controlled, and we share bus broadcasts to keep you up to date with what's happening at The COMET.

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Boarding and Alighting

For the safety of our passengers, The COMET buses will only stop at designated transit stops. Just stand at a stop with a designated sign and the driver will pull over for you. When you're close to your stop, pull the yellow cord above your seat to alert your driver.

Bike Racks

Your bike can ride along with you for free. Each COMET bus has a bike rack with room for three bikes on the front of the bus.

Reading a Schedule

First, find your route on our routes page. Identify the route nearest the place you are starting and the one nearest where you are going. Then, look at the schedules for your route to determine departure and arrival times. Make sure you look at weekday or weekend schedules depending on the day of the week you are riding. Need more help? Check out our live tracker to track your bus in real-time.

Rules of the Road

We want your ride on The COMET to be clean, safe, enjoyable, convenient and on time. To help make it an excellent trip for you and your fellow passengers, please observe our Rules of the Road.


The COMET cares about the safety of all of our passengers. We have contractual relationships with local law enforcement to help monitor bus stops and bus travel. We will suspend transit services to passengers who exhibit behavior that is violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal.
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