Travel Training

Travel training is a free service provided by The COMET to educate individuals on how to plan a trip, read bus schedules, purchase and use bus fare, and board the bus. This service is available to anyone within the community who seeks assistance in learning how to use public transportation. Individuals who use this service will be able to navigate confidently through the community by using our public fixed-route or flexible transportation services.

Travel training sessions are conducted by a trainer who has experience working with both youths and adults, including individuals with disabilities. The Travel Trainer will ensure that each training session is tailored to address the needs of the individual or group.

Training Services Offered

Trip Planning




Trip Planning

It is extremely important that riders properly plan for trips. The Travel Trainer will teach individuals how to prepare for a trip by highlighting the following tactics:
Trip Planning
1. Know how to get there and back
Become familiar with additional sources like
The Transit App, Google Maps,
The COMET website

2. Read schedules
Learn how to read time points on route guides, transfer to other routes if needed, nearest routes etc.

3. Identify fares
Learn which fare option should be used for a trip (i.e. All day pass, 7-Day Pass, 31-Day Pass, Half Fare and Fare Free options where appropriate)
4. Finding a stop
Teaches you how to locate the nearest bus stop location to access a route

5. Being prepared
Learn what materials are essential to your trip

6. Backup plan
Know what transportation alternatives are available in case of the unexpected.

Participants in this type of training will learn how to prepare for trips in advance and learn which factors should be considered prior to taking a trip.

One-on-One Instruction

Participants in this type of training will work one-on-one with a Travel Trainer to receive an introduction into using public transportation. The goal of this training session is to teach individuals how to navigate the entire transit system. During this session the trainer will instruct the participant on how to plan trips on The COMET, how to board buses, use appropriate fare, inform him/her of various programs available where relevant, and inform the participant of technology and tools that are accessible to assist in trip planning.

Group Training Presentations

This type of training offers group presentations at agencies that provide services to individuals with disabilities, adults, and youths. Participants will learn of various services and programs offered by The COMET. This session also provides a Train the Trainer workshop which teaches potential trainers at different agencies or organizations how to properly train consumers to ride the bus.

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