Safe Place

The COMET has partnered with the National Safe Place Network (NSPN) to expand the safety net for youth in crisis in the Greater Columbia Area. Safe Place programs offer a place to turn to for many youths who believe they have no other option.

The COMET is joining this effort by identifying all buses as “Safe Place” locations, as well as The COMET Transit Center during transit center hours. The COMET bus operators and dispatchers will assist in providing troubled youths transportation to the “Safe Place” sanctuary facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Safe Place Network?
"Safe Place" is an outreach program aimed at assisting runaway and homeless youths to address family crisis situations. The program provides any troubled youth between the age of 12 and 20 years old with a safe haven.

How does someone in need of a Safe Place ask for help on The COMET?
Upon boarding the bus, any youth in crisis may request transportation assistance by asking the bus operator for a "Safe Place." The bus fare will be waived, and the bus operator will radio The COMET Dispatch to inform that a “Safe Place” client has boarded his/her bus. Then, The COMET bus operator will determine a rendezvous point to provide direct transportation to local law enforcement.
If another option becomes available, does the person in crisis have to follow through with the Safe Place protocols?
The program is entirely voluntary. The COMET bus operator will not retain the youth if he/she changes his/her mind about meeting with local law enforcement.

What happens if someone requests Safe Place assistance at The COMET Transit Center rather than on the bus?
The COMET follows the same Safe Place procedures at the Transit Center as we do on the buses. The bus operator will work with the dispatcher to provide direct transportation to local law enforcement.
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